About me

The story I'll tell might be somehow unexpected to many but this 25 year old girl will tell it anyway.
About 7 years ago I jumped into medical school like I couldn't care less. You don't expect an 18 year old to be completely aware of her decisions. I'll use that as an excuse because I feel like I need one.
After proudly graduating universitary and post-universitary medical studies featuring some of the best grades and references, I began a challenging yet sometimes rewarding job as a Resident Psysician of Infectious Diseases. Months have passed and after doing a lot of thinking I decided to switch to Dermatology as this was once upon a time a choice that i would have made. Again time has passed and my expectations were still not met. Consequently, I found myself in a stage of reviewing my life. As a result, I thought that at this point and in this environment my future medical career should be at least put on hold.

Then, thinking back to who you are, what you really love...
I can't say that it suddenly hit me. No. I've always loved to draw by hand, in fact this is how I spent most of my childhood. During high school I've attended architecture courses for a while and ever since I've developed a sense for space, lines and combining chromatics. I feel inspired by product and interior design and tend to spend a lot of time on keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.